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översätt till svenska om du inte gillar engelska texter - översättning

You see me, I know it. I know that you look at me, I know that you want, I know that if you were with me had you understood me.

We are next to each other, you are closer to me and I feel your fragrance . Your sweet fragrance that makes it difficult to think clearly. You look at me with your velvet eyes and I can almost hard to stand up straight.
And when you show your emotions with your tender kisses makes it difficult for me to give something back. But it is not easy, every time you leave me I think back on everything that you caused, you ruined everything for me, I will have to build a wall for myself. But every time you stand in front of me. Destroyed my wall again.
I grow old wound, just to think about it. But only so there is no cure.
I need you, around you and your love. Without knowing that you are, there's no chance for me to able to continue. And you know it. And as soon as you approach so begins my breath, breathing faster, my heart rate increases and I become as ossified.

You are my drug.
You are my life.

written by, me

Postat av: DAVID

hihi, njaa,;) lite!

Annars då?

2009-10-25 @ 14:16:38
Postat av: DAVID

haha, aa, finska äe svårt!

Inget, typ chillat;) dudå?

2009-10-25 @ 15:08:06
Postat av: sandra

idag har jag inte gjort så mkt, har ju regnat hela dagen så var inne och kollade på gfilm och så :)

2009-10-25 @ 17:35:51
Postat av: My

Skrivit själv? :O duktig du ä r:D

2009-10-25 @ 19:44:14
Postat av: sandra

japp det är det :) hoppas att du med får en trevlig kväll :)

2009-10-25 @ 21:56:10
Postat av: melissa

SV: auw tack så jättemycket :)

2009-10-26 @ 08:56:30
Postat av: My

Taack! , tror alla behöver lite sånt då och då :)

super duktig verkligen :D så lite så :P <4

2009-10-26 @ 17:21:04
Postat av: linn

fint skrivet :)

2009-10-27 @ 11:53:24

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